Lawless Oceans

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A shocking video shows four men, clinging to wreckage in the sea. Shots ring out. The men are brutally killed – one by one. On the trail of the killers, maritime PI Karsten von Hoesslin dives into the murky depths of the lawless oceans and encounters drug smuggling, people trafficking, illegal fishing and piracy. The high seas are beyond the reach of the law and bandits roam free.


The Shipping Man | Matthew McCleery

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Matthew McCleery is an advisor at Blue Sea Capital and has been a board member of two Greek NASDAQ-listed shipping companies, a hedge fund and several shipping organizations. The book, which is fiction, is about the fictional Robert Fairchild’s journey from a smooth hedge fund manager to an experienced and rugged shipping man. Fairchild accidentally stumbles across the Baltic Dry Index, which is the start of a global shipping adventure. In a drunken state, he buys his first ship (a 35-year-old “old lady”) from a Greek. Fortunately he starts in a strong market, is rescued from Somali pirates by a Norwegian shipping magnate and then takes a job with him.

A summary of the book can be read here.


Captain Phillips

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A movie based on the true story of piracy attacks on the container ship Maersk Alabama in 2009. Richard Phillips, the captain of the ship, uses his wits to negotiate with them to save his crew.