Willpower | John Tierney & Roy Baumister

Published in: 2012 Amazon | Goodreads This book is written by psychology professor Roy Baumeister and journalist John Tierney. The authors compile the latest in self-control and willpower, i.e. studies that have shown that we have a limited amount of willpower. However, our willpower can be trained and improved. For example, the successful marshmallow children (from the

The Charisma Myth | Olivia Fox Cabane


Published in: 2013 Amazon | Goodreads Olivia Fox Cabane is an American author and career coach. Cabane is the daughter of two psychologists who, while growing up, laid the foundation for her interest in the subject of the book: charisma. With the latest from neuroscience, Cabane dispels the myth that charisma is something a few

The 5 Love Languages | Gary Chapman

Published in: 1992 Amazon | Goodreads According to Chapman, there are five different “love languages”; (1) Words of affirmation, (2) Quality time, (3) Receiving gifts, (4) Acts of service and (5) Physical touch. Not knowing a close one’s language, can cause situations similar to if one person speaks Chinese and another English. Like all human theory, however,

Influence | Robert Cialdini

Published in: 1984 Amazon | Goodreads Robert Cialdini is regarded by many as a guru on influence. In this book he introduces various tactics used by salespeople, car dealers, and fundraisers to influence us into saying yes. He referred to these tactics as six weapons of influence: Reciprocity, Social validation, Commitment/consistency, Scarcity,  Liking, and authority. These tendencies

Attached | Amir Levine & Rachel Heller

Published in: 2012 Amazon | Goodreads The idea of finding “the right one” has emerged in today’s modern world where choices are endless. Too much pickiness can create problems, nobody is perfect. However, the authors means that there are help to get in the new science of adult attachment when it comes to find – and keep

Social | Matthew Lieberman

Published in: 2013 Amazon | Goodreads The book is written by the American professor Matthew Lieberman and is based on the latest in neuroscience. The main thesis is that our brains are socially programmed – our main goal is to “connect” with other people. It is even more important than our own interests. Lieberman sees

Thinking in bets | Annie Duke

Annie Duke is an American who for most of her life has been a professional poker player. She has won several major tournaments and has an estimated net worth of $8m. The book is partly a biography and partly a “how to guide” on how to think better and make more rational decisions. Duke left

The Happiness Hypothesis | Jonathan Haidt

Published in: 2006 Amazon | Goodreads Jonathan Haidt is an American professor of ethical leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business. The book is about what makes us happy and is based on modern research and time-tested wisdom from ancient times. MATERIAL HAPPINESS IS SHORT-LIVED. A new house or a Ferrari makes us

The Power of Habit | Charles Duhigg

Published in: 2012 Amazon | Goodreads Habits are the choices that all of us deliberately make at some point, and then stop thinking about but continue doing, often every day. Habits is a formula our brain automatically follows: when I see CUE, I will do ROUTINE in order to get REWARD. To re-engineer that formula, we need

Superforecasting | Philip Tetlock & Dan Gardner

Published in: 2015 Amazon | Goodreads Philip Tetlock has tested a large population’s forecasting ability over a long period of time. The results show that about 2% is what he calls “Superforecasters” (SF) – these people have a real, measurable ability to assess how high-stakes events are likely to develop three months, six months, a year and