Attached | Amir Levine & Rachel Heller

Published in: 2012 Amazon | Goodreads Finding a partner to pass on our genes is often regarded as a biological necessity. It is not based on the idea that man should be picky or try to find “the right one”. This objective has emerged in today’s modern world where choices are endless. Too much pickiness can create

Social | Matthew Lieberman

Published in: 2013 Amazon | Goodreads The book is written by the American professor Matthew Lieberman and is based on the latest in neuroscience. The main thesis is that our brains are socially programmed – our main goal is to “connect” with other people. It is even more important than our own interests. Lieberman sees

Thinking in bets | Annie Duke

Annie Duke is an American who for most of her life has been a professional poker player. She has won several major tournaments and has an estimated net worth of $8m. The book is partly a biography and partly a “how to guide” on how to think better and make more rational decisions. Duke left

The Happiness Hypothesis | Jonathan Haidt

Published in: 2006 Amazon | Goodreads Jonathan Haidt is an American professor of ethical leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business. The book is about what makes us happy and is based on modern research and time-tested wisdom from ancient times. MATERIAL HAPPINESS IS SHORT-LIVED. A new house or a Ferrari makes us

The Power of Habit | Charles Duhigg

Published in: 2012Amazon | Goodreads Each chapter of the book revolves around a central argument: Habits can be changed, if we understand how they work. It focuses on habits as they are technically defined: the choices that all of us deliberately make at some point, and then stop thinking about but continue doing, often every day. Habits

Superforecasting | Philip Tetlock & Dan Gardner

Published in: 2015 Amazon | Goodreads Philip Tetlock has tested a large population’s forecasting ability through tests performed over a long period of time. The results show that about 2% is what he calls “Superforecasters” (SF) – these people have a real, measurable ability to assess how high-stakes events are likely to develop three months, six months,

Mindset | Carol Dweck

Published: 2016 Goodreads| Book Depository Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck’s bridges the fields of developmental psychology, social psychology and personality psychology and examines self-perceptions (or ways of thinking) that people use to structure the self and guide their behavior. Dweck believes that man’s attitude is self-chosen. It is possible to change our setting if we have

Pre-suasion | Robert Cialdini

Published: 2016 Goodreads | Book Depositary Robert Cialdini is the psychologist who in 1984 wrote the legendary book called Influence. Cialdini’s second “solo book”, Pre-Suasion, was released in 2016 and provides a new understanding of effective persuasion. The new big idea is that it’s not the message itself, but rather what happened before the message was delivered

Ego is the enemy | Ryan Holiday

Published: 2016 Goodreads| Book Depository History books are filled with stories of visionary geniuses who re-created a world after their own worldview. In this book, Holiday wants to highlight the large number of people who have constantly avoided the spotlight and set their goals above the need for attention. The author’s definition of ego is what

Gut feelings | Gerd Gigerenzer

Published: 2007 Goodreads | Book DepositoryGerd Gigerenzer is a German professor of psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. Throughout his career, he has studied people’s gut feelings. Our gut feeling is not based on wild guesses but on careful techniques refined by the evolution of the brain. The book’s main point is