Chateau Vadå | Mats-Eric Nilsson

Published in: 2018 Adlibris | Goodreads Sweden is in the middle of the “Vodka Belt” and for hundreds of years we have been drinking spirits and beer, made from barley and potatoes that thrive in the Nordic climate. But today, Sweden is one of the world’s most wine-drinking countries (52% of consumption is bag-in-box). Chateau Vadå

The Shipping Man | Matthew McCleery

Published in: 2011 Amazon | Goodreads Matthew McCleery is an advisor at Blue Sea Capital and has been a board member of two Greek NASDAQ-listed shipping companies, a hedge fund and several shipping organizations. The book, which is fiction, is about the fictional Robert Fairchild’s journey from a smooth hedge fund manager to an experienced

Batterirevolutionen | Jan-Erik Berggren


Published in: 2020Amazon | Goodreads Peter Carlsson left Tesla in 2015 to spend more time with his family. But ideas and proposals kept coming in from investors and former colleagues. All his previous experiences pointed in the same direction – to build a large battery factory in Europe. Two years later he started Northvolt and in less

The machine that changed the world | Womack

Published: 1990 Goodreads | Amazon Car manufacturing is the largest manufacturing activity in the world, with close to 92 million [2020] new vehicles manufactured per year (50 million when the book was written in 1990). In the early 1890s, the French company P&L manufactured a few hundred cars a year. These cars were designed according to the

Deep sea and foreign going | Rose George

Published: 2013Goodreads | Book Depository Globally there are over 100,000 cargo ships that carry around 90% of world trade, traveling 24 hours a day, all year round. Almost everything we consume has reached us with a ship through an industry that works in silence. In this book, we get to follow the journalist Rose George’s