How the scots invented the modern world | Arthur Herman


Published in: 2002 Amazon | Goodreads Scottish names stand out on a list of books that dominated European thinking in the late 18th century: Adam Smith’s A Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations, David Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature and Essays Political, Literary and Moral. William Robertson’s History of Scotland and History of the Reign

The Birth of Plenty | William J. Bernstein

Published in: 2010 Amazon | Goodreads For millennia, the road to wealth was to win wars and plunder. Until 1820, world growth per capita was approximately zero. During the century after the fall of the Roman Empire, prosperity in Europe had actually declined and most critical technologies had disappeared – the most important being cement, which would

Factfulness | Hans Rosling

Published in: 2018 Amazon | Goodreads According to Hans Rosling (1948-2017), the majority of people believes that 50% or more of the world’s citizens live in low-income countries. The real figure is 9%. Many have a worldview that matches what the world looked like when one’s teacher was a student. But societies and cultures are in constant

The Oil Rush | Mervyn Jones & Fay Godwin

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Published in: 1976 Amazon | Goodreads In 1950, oil accounted for 10% of Britain’s energy consumption. By 1970, the share had increased to 44% (coal at 47% and the rest related to natural gas, hydropower and nuclear power). The Oil Rush is a reportage book from the oil rigs and cities in Scotland during the oil boom