Reminiscences of a Stock Operator | Edwin Lefevre

Published in: 1923 Amazon | Goodreads Reminiscences of a stock operator was first published in 1923 and is seen as a classic in investor circles. The book is based on the life of investor and trader Jesse Livermore but built around the fictional speculator Lawrence Livingston. Many concrete tips for stock trading are interspersed with

Risk | Jacob Bursell

Published in: 2016 Bokus | Goodreads Pan Capital, with its thirty employees, could do up to half a million transactions a day. By the spring of 2000, the Swedish trading firm had been trading profitably for 90 consecutive months. Since the first day in the spring of 1998, they had turned Erik Penser’s loan of

M&A Titans | Brett Cole

Published in: 2008 Goodreads | Amazon M&A Titans is about the lawyers and investment bankers who created Wall Street’s M&A industry in the 1970s and 1980s. It was during this era that men like Michael Milken, T. Boone Pickens, Carl Icahn, Joe Flom and Marty Lipton would rise to the top. The book provides insight

The Zulu Principle | Jim Slater

Published in: 2008Amazon | Goodreads Jim Slater was the former auditor and controller who in the 1960s introduced “asset stripping” and “takeover battles” to the London Stock Exchange. During the happy 1960’s and until the stock market crash in 1973, the stock market value of his acquisition platform Slater Walker increased 100-fold. In the aftermath

Killing the Market | Roemer McPhee

Published in: 2016Amazon | Goodreads The book is about the American investor Robert W. Wilson who during the 1960s to 1980s competed with Buffett and Soros for the place as the world’s best investor. In 1969, he started the hedge fund Wilson & Associates, where he almost exclusively managed his own money. He started with

Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules | Jeremy Miller

Published in 2016 Goodreads | Amazon In this book, financial analyst Jeremy Miller summarizes Warren Buffett’s letters to his partners in Buffett Partnership Ltd. (BPL). The letters were written during the 1950s and 1960s and were before the Berkshire Hathaway era. It was the time in Buffett’s career when he managed the least amount of

The Acquirer’s Multiple | Tobias Carlisle

Published: 2017 Goodreads | Amazon The book is about how investors like Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn have successfully used the phenomenon of “mean reversion” and how an investor with a deep value strategy can systematically use it. “The Acquirers Multiple” (AM) is the EV/EBIT multiple. Carlisle got the idea for AM when he backtested

There’s always something to do | Christopher Russo

Published: 2011 Goodreads | Amazon The book describes Peter Cundill’s life and career and is based on his investment journals, investor letters and lectures. Cundill was born in 1938 and began his career as an accountant and financial advisor at the age of 25. At the age of 35, he found Benjamin Graham’s books and

Dead companies walking | Scott Fearon

Published: 2015 Goodreads | Amazon Scott Fearon runs the hedge fund Crown Capital and the book is about the part of his strategy to short “dead companies” that still look healthy. He is mainly looking for “growth companies” that have declining revenues in combination with increasing indebtedness. As a rule, he is quite “late on

100 baggers | Cristopher Mayer

Published: 2018 Goodreads | Amazon A stock that for every $1 invested gives $100 back is called a “100-bagger”. For this book, Christopher Mayer and his publishers have invested $50k in creating a database of circa 400 such companies on the US market during the period 1962–2014 (dividends reinvested). Companies with market capitalizations of less than