Pebbles of Perception | Laurence Endersen


Published in: 2014 Amazon | Goodreads The book is about the choices we make in life and how we make them. Your life is a product of your choices – good choices equals good life equals bad choices, bad life. The book is inspired by Poor Charlie’s Almanac and Lawrence Enderson’s goal is to help

So Good They Can’t Ignore you | Cal Newport

Published in: 2012 Amazon | Goodreads The title is taken from the comedian Steve Martin, describing his way up in his career. The book is about how to create your dream career by first focusing on becoming really good at something, building career capital, and then invest that in a labor market where it is

The 4-hour workweek | Tim Ferriss


Published in: 2009 Amazon | Goodreads The 4-hour Workweek is about avoiding the daily grind of working life – how we can free up time, get more out of our money and increase our freedom and mobility. Tim Ferriss is an American entrepreneur, investor and author. He has written five top sellers and was one

Managing Oneself | Peter Drucker


Published: 2008 Goodreads | Bookdepository Managing Oneself is a book, written by the management consultant Peter Drucker, that takes two hours to read and fits in your back pocket. A main theme in the book is to identify your strengths and build on them. BUILD ON STRENGHTS. If you are an analytical person, choose a profession where

Bounce | Matthew Syed

Published: 2011 Goodreads | Book Depository Matthew Syed is the former British table tennis professional who after his career became a journalist and writer. The book’s basic message is the classic 10,000-hour rule. That people are not born with talent that leads to success. Those who achieve success work hard and get paid accordingly. The

The War of Art | Steven Pressfield


Published: 2002 Goodreads | Book Depository This is Pressfield’s guide on how to break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles. The core term in this book is “Resistance”, described as an invisible restraining force. Resistance exists within each of us, and often takes its expression in the form of procrastination. If we