Dear Chairman | Jeff Gramm


Published in: 2015 Amazon | Goodreads Dear Chairman is about shareholder activism in the United States over the past century. The book is written by Columbia professor and fund manager Jeff Gramm and consists of eight studies based on investor letters, newspaper clippings and interviews. According to Gramm, the starting point for shareholder activism was

The Dhando Investor | Mohnish Pabrai


Published in: 2007 Amazon | Goodreads The value investor Mohnish Pabrai presents in the book what he calls a Dhandho framework for investing – how to get a high return at low risk. Since the launch of Pabrai Investment Funds, a copy of Buffett’s partnerships in the 1950s, Pabrai has outperformed all major indices and 99% of

Only the Paranoid Survive | Andrew S. Grove

Published in: 1999 Amazon | Goodreads Andrew Grove emigrated to the United States from communist Hungary in 1956, co-founded Intel in 1968, where he became president in 1979 and CEO in 1987. Grove and his co-founders became pioneers in two of the most important building blocks of modern technology: memory chips and microprocessors. When the book was

To Sell is Human | Daniel Pink

Published in: 2013 Amazon | Goodreads Physicians sell patients on a remedy. Lawyers sell juries on a verdict. Teachers sell students on the value of paying attention in class. Entrepreneurs woo funders, writers sweet-talk producers, coaches cajole players. Whatever our profession, we deliver presentations to fellow employees and make pitches to new clients. We try to convince

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant | Eric Jorgenson

Published in: 2020 Amazon | Goodreads The author, Eric Jorgenson, compiled this book out of transcripts, Tweets, and talks by Naval Ravikant – an icon in Silicon Valley and in the start-up culture. The book covers many areas of life, but this “Brief” focus on the section of wealth creation – how to get rich without

The Alchemists | Jim Ratcliffe


Published in: 2018 Amazon | Goodreads Jim Ratcliffe is a British billionaire, with a net worth of $16bn, and the main shareholder (66% ownership) and founder of the chemical group INEOS. Since the founding in 1998, INEOS has grown, mainly through acquisitions, from a small obscure chemical company in Antwerp to global giant. INEOS now

The Go-Giver | Bob Burg & John David Mann


Published in: 2015 Amazon | Goodreads The Go-Giver is the fictional story of the management consultant Joe who works at a large company where there is a “dog-eat-dog” culture. In order to keep their jobs, or climb up in the organization, the employees must deliver ambitious billing goals. Joe is a typical careerist who plans

The New Conceptual Selling | Miller and Heiman

Published in: 2005 Amazon | Goodreads If the old rules said “talk it up until your prospect bites”, the new rules say “start by listening to the prospect”. Your product or service is not unimportant. But it is secondary to the customer’s perception of his own situation. People buy for their own reasons, not for yours. The

Risk Game | Francis Greenburger


Published in: 2016 Amazon | Goodreads Francis Greenburger is an American real estate developer, author and philanthropist. Since 1966, his Time Equities has built up a portfolio consisting of over 2.8m sqm of commercial properties (residential, office, retail and industrial) mainly in North America, but also in many places around the world. The portfolio was

Hidden Champions | Hermann Simon

Published in: 2009 Amazon | Goodreads Professor Hermann Simon coined the term “hidden champions” almost thirty years ago. The key criterias for a Hidden Champion are: (1) #1-3 on the global market or # 1 on the continent, (2) revenue does not exceed $4bn and (3) the company has a low level of public awareness. There are