The Autobiography of Charles Darwin | Nora Barlow


Published in: 1993 Amazon | Goodreads When Charles Darwin wrote his memoirs, he was 67 years old and lived a secluded life in his home, where he observed the outraged debate that his theories gave rise to. During his lifetime he had written some of the most important books in history, where mainly On the Origin of

The Real Happy Pill | Anders Hansen


Published in: 2016 Amazon | Goodreads Imagine traveling back to 10,000 years B.C. The people you meet would speak a different language and have completely different experiences. But by and large, they would be like you. We humans, including our brains, have not changed much in 12,000 years. But our lifestyle has changed tremendously in just

The Selfish Gene | Richard Dawkins

Published in: 1976 / 2009 Amazon | Goodreads The selfish gene theory is Darwin’s theory. But rather than focus on the individual organism, this book takes a gene’s-eye view of nature. And if you look at the way natural selection works, it seems to follow that anything that has evolved by natural selection should be selfish

Inheritance | Sharon Moalem

Book published: 2014 Goodreads | Bookdepository In 1975, Arthur Riggs and Robin Holliday came almost simultaneously, but individually, to the conclusion that even if genes were fixed, they could give different expressions in response to stimuli. It took another 25 years before these ideas gained wider acceptance. Researchers are now beginning to understand what our genes do