We are two Swedes on a lifelong learning journey. In 2014 we put up a goal of reading 100 books each during a 18-month period and after that we have continued reading about 70 books each a year. To solidify what we learn we started writing “Briefs” on the books we have read. Library of is the “library” where we publish “Book Briefs” and also use as an archive to store other sources of knowledge.

The Library

What we call a “Brief” can best be described as a summary of the most important lessons we have taken with us from a book (about the length of an A4). The content is by definition subjective as it is colored by our level of our knowledge and which topics have caught our interest at the time. However, we do try to keep our own thoughts, values and reflections as far out as possible.

There is no ready-made plan for which books will appear on the page – we follow the direction of our interests. To see our already read books, several of which are in the future to be compiled into Briefs, visit Libary of on Goodreads.

The Archive

Under “The Archive” we collect and tag some of the best media that we have consumed. The archive contains books, movies, documentaries, talks, or anything else we have found interesting or educational.