Fenomenet Ingvar Kamprad | Anders Ström

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In 2017, the Ikea Group had sales of just over SEK 350 billion, made a profit of around SEK 30 billion and had almost 150,000 employees. In the same year, the Group had 400 department stores, most of them wholly owned, in 29 countries. Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943 and was active in the company until his death in 2018. Kamprad became 91 years old and spent almost 75 years with the company. In 2017, the magazine Veckans Affärer valued Kamprad’s fortune, then controlled by the Stichting Inga Foundation, at SEK 620 billion ($76bn) and the Ikea founder was listed as number one on the list of Sweden’s billionaires. Despite living in Switzerland for over 30 years, Kamprad always had a place in the Swedish people’s soul.

A “Brief” of the book “Fenomenet Ingvar Kampad” can be read here.

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